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If you are in search of a one of kind playing experience with awesome PUZZLE GAMEPLAYS and unique REAL CHOICES, we are here for you. Our mission is to provide the Best Interactive Story Games. We do not offer simple tap-based visual novels, but much more than that. What you will get are powerful interactive stories about love, friendship, betrayal, and supernatural, as well. All of this may lead you to VARIOUS ENDINGS. In theBest Interactive Story Games, you will choose a lock to open a secret drawer, find differences among pictures, search for some hidden objects or assemble torn pictures. While progressing, you will have to make important decisions. This is an innovative mass of The Best Interactive Story Games. Download Playbook: Interactive Story Games today. Best choices and great stories are waiting for you.

✨ REAL CHOICES: Change the storyline drastically by making own decisions.
✨ DIFFERENT ENDINGS: Discover various paths since each episode has different ways.
✨ CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION: Enjoy picking favorite makeup, hairstyle, and entire personal outfit for every occasion!
✨ PUZZLE GAMES: Take pleasure in searching for new clues, looking for hidden objects, lock picking, assembling broken things, or going through a maze.
✨ POPULAR GENRES: Mystery, Horror, Crime, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, and more to come.
✨SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: English, español, Português, Türkçe, русский, polski, and srpski.

Try out Playbook: The Best Interactive Story Games to be the creator of your own destiny. The choices you make will develop the story further to many new and unexpected paths. The character will always experience some adventure. CHOOSE SMARTLY because the fate of other characters also depends on you. You can play the game with episodes in which you will be in a position to choose what to say, to do, where to go and who to hang out with.You can meet a cute boy, hang out with friends, fall in love with a vampire, discover the dark underworld, fight crime, or even find the killer.
CHOOSE YOUR OUTLOOK and DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS in your favorite interactive stories. The Best Interactive Story Games offer you a chance to read the narrative of a story and play puzzle games to find hidden treasure behind the secret doors. Also, you will be in a position to assemble the pieces of some torn photos and to check what will happen next or who is in the photos. The VISUALS in The Best Interactive Story Games are STUNNING and the character’s adventures are amazing. Both scenarios and all characters are COMPLETELY DEVELOPED. All you need is to SELECT THE BEST PATH and our Best Interactive Story Games will leave you breathless.

If you are a real fan of zombies and vampires The Best Interactive Story Games are the best choice for you.For those who like mutants, detectives, time-travelers or scientists, our magnificent VISUAL NOVEL is ready. Choose among solving delicate crimes, sailing adventures or love triangles. Gaming with The Best Interactive Story Games is a NEVER-ENDING story.

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